Dancing Bee Man AND Stephen Chiodo??? my night is complete.


just short of six.

brick by brick.
    transfixed and intermixed
        with her
            bag of tricks.
                what she can’t forget
                    she cold sweats away.

she plays russian roulette with
    old cassettes bringing back
        memories for kicks.
            shits and giggles.
                licked away by
                    twenty-something years time,
                        and not a second too late.
                            or too soon.

and it clicks in her head that
    sickness comes in many forms.
        adorn by some,
            and conflict of others.
                sticks and stones,
                    but now she gets
                        the weakness shown.

it’s nothing a bottle of bourbon
    and a pack of cigarettes
        won’t fix.


goodbye, California! (at John Wayne Airport, Orange County)


enjoying what is, quite possibly, my last cigarette. #nosmoking #quitter #bestfriend #iwillmissyou (at Harbor at Mesa Verde Apartments)


"All God’s children, they have to die."


just then as the (r/h)ope slips
tightened grips, as it rips, splits the skin
hands cut on what (wa/i)s anything but this
the fusion of division or lack of, confusion
the slack slipping, or d(id/o) we let go
it’s the unknown, the uncertainties not past
or the last (s/fe)ign forcefully shown
remorse blown out of proportion, or non-existent
still fa(i/l)ling on distortion spoken
tightened grips, eclipse what’s left
the meaning obscured so (s)he let go
the demur, allure, sure of the unsure
(s/i )am lost to (you/he)r (pre/im)mature
metaphors, (over)invested too soon

Photo Set

This was the last picture I took shortly after sunrise in early 2010 when I went to Salton Sea. I’m not religious by any means, but Saskatoon Mountain was a beautiful marvel in every aspect. When @ecila33 first told me about Leonard and her experiences with him, I wasn’t sure what I would think when I met him. But after going to Salton Sea and camping out in Slab City, I got to meet some of the most amazing people. Leonard was one of them — one of the nicest, most kind hearted people I’ve ever come across. He started building this mountain almost 30 years ago by hand with adobe clay, straw, and paint, and it was his absolute pride. The stories he’d tell about how he’d build it were priceless, especially how he’d made the flowers. He lived on the back of his truck throughout his residency in the Slabs. Today bright the loss of an amazing individual — Leonard Knight. I wish I’d had the chance to meet him and talk to him more times than I had, but the opportunity is now gone. Rest in peace, Leonard… the world truly lost one of it’s greatest creations. #restinpeace #leonardknight #slabcity #salvationmountain #niland #therange


reason #19 why our pets don’t trust me. #cat #dog #echo #ollie #airconditioner #lol (at Harbor at Mesa Verde Apartments)